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It is excruciating – and, as Brown's harried-looking publicist is well aware, not the easiest situation for an Asperger's sufferer to deal with.

Brown was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome (a disorder on the autistic spectrum) three years ago, after her lifelong shyness flowered into 'severe depression and not being able to leave the house'.

Ladyhawke, aka Pip Brown, is nervously drumming her long fingers against her thigh and studiously avoiding all eye contact as the final touches are made to her hair and make-up.

A power failure at her publicist's office has caused us to decamp to a studio flat in east London filled with ancient vinyl records, battered Joy Division posters and people who evidently wish we weren't there.

Then suddenly Etienne receives an unexpected sign of hope in the person of Philippe, a young and cunning thief…Navarre knows he must seize this fearful opportunity to free himself and Isabeau from the Bishop’s diabolic spell – or bring them death… high out of hardboard, plaster, real stone and tiles, an awesome edifice of Corinthian columns and arches. Rome/Filmstudios - The interior of the church's set had taken months to build and with great craft. It’s just not possible to shoot in there because it’s part of history and needs to be protected. Just to demonstrate how small errors can have their impact. The concrete studio floor was “carpeted” with a composite of rubber so the horses would not slide too much. The structure of this “pavement” looked just like big cobblestones and felt that way as well. So any dialogue on horseback was out the holy window. Apart from me riding the stallion in through this door, was the fact that the scene we were about to shoot here was also one of my most challenging.

Castell'Arquato (Piacenza) Rocca Calascio, near L'Aquila (the ruined castle where Imperious was living) Castello di Soncino (near Cremona) Misurina (near Cortina d'Ampezzo) Campo Imperatore (in the Gran Sasso Mountains) Torre Chiara Castle (near Parma) Inside the Cinecittà Studios, the sets for this production were magnificent. Lauren Shuler, the producer, who put the whole 'Ladyhawke' package together, had worked for almost four years to get this movie into flight, after having bought up the option from an original script by Edward Khmara. Dick had been notified and came storming out the door shouting across the street, “RUTGER... By the same token the control over lighting scenes by our great Director of Photography Vittorio Storaro would be impossible. The final scene of 'Ladyhawke' will take place here. Now I’m talking about the best set builders, the best painters, designers, what have you. Navarre (my character) is supposed to ride on horseback, get off and have a swordfight before embracing his long lost love. Sword fighting skills, riding skills and acting as well.

The flat belongs to somebody called Sarah, who sits at her kitchen table applying her make-up and ignoring us.

Concerning Rutger's skills with medieval weaponry, the film critic James Burns wrote, "One of the picture's greatest assets is that its first third features some of the best swordplay ever seen since swashbuckling was virtually a Hollywood staple. My black costume was handcrafted with about a hundred holes - like a corset almost - in the back, and each of my boots had leather strings, which had to be put through another hundred holes. Once I was strapped in, there was very little relief. In the week of the churchfight alone I had lost 20lbs.

But she's said before that at rock bottom, she locked herself in her Melbourne flat for three months.

READ MORE: * Ladyhawke to release new album * New tour dates for Ladyhawke "I feel stable. "I just feel great and I feel like I've done something positive for myself. I used to be very dark, quite a depressed person." in the dark hours, as my house was being battered by 140 kilometre northerly winds.

That’s more or less the only downside to this album, mind.

Witty and quick-smart, Ladyhawke’s lyrics consistently take on infectious lust and undeniable infatuation, getting straight to the point with little faffing.

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