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Filling a longtime void in the chronicles of the Life-Saving Service, this book is the result of two decades of research by these highly respected maritime historians. Shown above is an image from the book, Keepers Robert T. The new Sconset Trust book, Keeping the Light, documenting this historic move, has just been released. Almost every page is beautifully illustrated with rare vintage views of the men and the stations that they manned. Coast Guard cutters raced to the aid of those on the Fort Mercer, and when it became apparent that the halves of the Pendleton were in danger of capsizing, the Guard sent out two thirty-six-foot lifeboats as well. Cobb's Island, Virginia: The Last Sentinel, co-written by Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture Ron Kagawa and J. However, 99% of the history there relates directly to the Life Saving Service and early Coast Guard there. CDR Dring, although not a professional historian, has had previous experience in the Navy working closely with the Coast Guard on harbor and coastal defense, and has a great interest in and respect for the humanitarian rescue operations this Service conducts with specialized small craft.

In 272 large format pages, the authors present unforgettable stories of the surfmen and their unsurpassed bravery. Sterling and Frank Hilt, keepers at Portland Head Light. More particularly, we work to provide various governmental agencies, historical groups, restoration contractors and collectors with information and original artifacts relating to lighthouses, life-saving stations, etc. My father Ken Claflin began the company in 1956, specializing in antique automobile information and parts as well as estate and antique car auctions. Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of photographs, the book chronicles the formation of a plan, the move and the towers restoration, once again the famous "Blazing Star". , Mass., is a one of a kind, chronicling not only much of the wrecks and work of the life savers, but particularly looking at the equipment issued to such a station at the time and the lives of the men living and working there. These wooden boats, manned by only four seamen each, were dwarfed by the enormous seventy-foot seas. Richard Kellam, charts the history of the now-barren Virginia barrier island that was once a flourishing hunting and fishing resort and home to the first U. From cover to cover, the authors trace the work of the life-savers on the island, and particularly the history of the 1875-76 life-saving station and later Coast Guard stations there, their modifications over the years and finally moving of the Coast Guard station in its entirety to the mainland between 1997-2001. The extensive research that went into this book, including reference to original USLSS and USCG documents held by the National Archives, has had the full support of the USCGs Historian, Dr. The most comprehensive work on Coastal Rescue Craft used by the United States Life-Saving Service and the United States Coast Guard ever published.

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