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It recalculates hash of every parent node of state starting from node you changed and that becomes bottleneck in particular cases (this is not very common cases tho).So ideally you should make some benchmarks before integrating into your application.Either way is ok but I am struggling to know the easiest/most efficient way to do it? I think I have 2 issues (1 small and one big): SMALL: The field I want to update appears to be no-editable in the form (maybe just a configuration) BIG: I don't see how to write a query based on the contents of all rows in the form.I can certainly retrieve the primary key of the table I need to update.I have a dictionary that looks like this MY_DICT[KEY_X][KEY_Y][KEY_Z]=FOOI am having a problem updating this with a simple MY_DICT.update(NEW_DICT) as update doesn't seem to care about gettinginto the inner dicts.Getting the keys of each and iterating through and updating each one isterribly slow as the number of keys gets bigger and bigger. However if you find yourself needing to do deep updates, it probably means your state tree is not flat enough, and that you don't utilize functional composition enough.

It's out of scope of my answer—sometimes you want more flexibility, and sometimes you want less boilerplate.

There are options to change this behavior such that While SQLAlchemy directly supports emitting CREATE and DROP statements for schema constructs, the ability to alter those constructs, usually via the ALTER statement as well as other database-specific constructs, is outside of the scope of SQLAlchemy itself.

While it’s easy enough to emit ALTER statements and similar by hand, such as by passing a string to construct, it’s a common practice to automate the maintenance of database schemas in relation to application code using schema migration tools.

You can check out pagination code in “real world” example reducers for an example of generating similar reducers.

Oh, and I used is not), updeep, react-addons-update or something else.

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