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On November 4th, Jillian took action to dismiss the divorce papers that the couple had filed earlier, and that request was met on the 10th.

The divorce papers were originally filed back in January 2015. They worked hard at keeping their relationship afloat." data-reactid="25"The couple decided to try dating again, and were often spotted being sweet and romantic while out in public. In May of this year, Dempsey officially stated that him and his wife were “back on”.

Once things were looking rocky, both Jillian and Patrick decided to give counseling a try.

However, there is a far more important question that not many people ask -- and it is a vital question; one that is far more important that that of "appropriateness" and a question that you absolutely Have you asked yourself that question? and then review the following 10 ways to help determine your dating readiness: 1.

You Have Reclaimed You During what may very well be the worst or most challenging time in your life is recover from the divorce from or death of your spouse and you cannot accomplish that kind of recovery in hurry-up fashion.

Embrace the fact that you are not the same person that you were when you committed to the person no longer by your side and that you must take the time and patience with yourself to sufficiently recover from the trauma that you have endured.

Carl met Addison while they were both waiting in line to order coffee.

Most of you said: 20 minutes Toby's flashback actually didn't happen until the last five minutes of the show. Is Hanna and Celeb's relationship still going strong? Will the liars go to a funeral in the premiere episode?

How far into the first episode until we get a Toby flashback? Now here's the big question of the season: Do you think Alison is still alive?

Most of you said: Yes Even though it's hard to know what Mona's motives are, it does seem like she's on the Liars' side. We suppose a dead pig is better than a dead body though.

How many flashbacks will include the younger Liars? While they're not actually "flashbacks," we did get a glimpse of the Little Liars during the premiere episode. Will Mona stick with Hanna, Emily, Aria, and Emily? Most of you said: Alison or Walden None of us could have predicted what was actually in the trunk.

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Patrick Dempsey just officially called off his divorce to Jillian Dempsey, his wife of 17 years, and we’re so happy that these two are giving it another go!

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