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While the movie had come out in November of 1996—a few months before this episode aired—the timing was still perfect, just a couple weeks before it unsurprisingly swept the Academy Awards at the end of March. “The English Patient” is a pretty strong episode outside of Elaine, although Jerry’s willingness to help Kramer engage in human trafficking seems a little unusual, even for a laissez-faire man like Jerry.I’m sure by that point the backlash was already forming, but Elaine’s screeds gave voice to millions. The Dominican cigar-rollers do at least get their revenge, but it’s not on Kramer, or “El Presidente,” as he dubs himself, so that felt like a missed opportunity. ” Jerry jokes, although it turns out that he does indeed walk with a cane.the episode starts off in the coffee shop, with Kramer giving Jerry extensive directions on how to get to Coney Island so he can retrieve his stolen car that was found, though it was for not because he can just take one train right there.George was heading off to a job interview, which Jerry took as an opportunity to rib George, comparing him to the hard on his luck character Biff Loman from Death of a Salesman.Because this man was a comedian, he took the derision well.Eventually, he was given a television show on which to not do a lot.It feels like something in the middle got lost, but the mysterious presence of Neil helps to justify any weird behavior (their final confrontation in the hospital is great).In such a busy episode, Jerry also finds the time to go to Florida and give Morty an ill-fitting “#1 DAD” T-shirt and wage accidental war against a comically old family of weaklings convinced of their own strength, with a penchant for shouting their last name in unison (“MANDELBAUM, MANDELBAUM! The peerless Lloyd Bridges is a lot of fun here, as is Jerry’s complete distaste for the situation and for any kind of competition with these weirdos.

I love this episode because it just encapsulates what was all about.Back then, Meaning was everything, and people sought only larger truth.Those who dared to ponder the Meaning of Nothing could not expect to be taken seriously.ONLY Podcast on i Tunes[/caption] Subscribe: Seinfeld Podcast in i Tunes | Seinfeld Podcast RSS Feed Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur didn’t need to be handcuffed to a bed to cover the next Seinfeld episode in Post Show Recap’s coverage of the entire series.This week they talked about “The Subway” which first aired January 8, 1992.

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