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The RBI had justified its hawkish stance citing the impact of planned pay hikes for government employees and the introduction of a nationwide goods and service tax (GST), as well as fears of a weaker-than-expected monsoon. - The moment a thief saw his chance to steal a tow truck, he jumped into it and took off, and it was all caught on camera. Some people might call it poetic justice, because the victim was a repo man, and he had the tables turned on him right in front of his eyes.Notching its lowest annual rate in at least five years, consumer price inflation slowed to 2.99% in April from 3.89% in March, just below the RBI’s target of 4.0%.Gross domestic product grew 6.1% in January-March, down from 7% the previous quarter, to post its slowest growth rate in more than two years.“Markets are not reacting negatively to any of the events...After repossessing an elderly couple’s car in Illinois, Jim Ford decided to pay off the debt and return the 1998 Buick back to the owners.“When I got home that night, I said to myself, ‘They are a real nice elderly couple. I can’t just take their car,’ ” Mr Ford recently told the The 41-year-old repo man tried and failed to get a local bank to finance the car, then, he decided to set up a Go Fund Me account to pay for the vehicle.Twenty years from now, in a high-rise-ridden, video-centric American city, life is harsh. In other words, things aren't much different from today.

"Artiforgs" are booming business, and The Union—the field's monopolizing company—sells manufactured body parts like car dealers sell carburetors. Remy, one of The Union's best, informs us that just as a bank repossesses a vehicle when payments are overdue, his company repossesses livers … The only difference is how much blood gets shed in the process. Remy and his lifelong friend Jake track folks down, shock them into submission (they're rendered unconscious by stun guns) and then whip out large knives to extract the organs.The thief repeatedly slammed into the front end of Puran's Nissan Maxima."The tires spun out and got stuck in the mud," Puran said."He jumped out, he ran on foot and somebody picked him up, and he was never seen again."Actually, the thief made a cameo appearance on camera at the financial lending center, where his friend was taking care of her loan. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.He hopes he can spare the lives of countless thousands in doing so. And Remy, along with scores of others, don't pay theirs.The resolution for Jake is a bit more complicated—mainly by the insertion of an alternate mental reality—but it appears as though he cares enough about his friend to make sure he doesn't suffer and die. But the story's ethos is so obviously absurd that it's impossible to condemn its defaulters for running away or fighting back against a monolithic company that will hunt you down and kill you to reclaim its biotech property.

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"They were very friendly."Just as one of Puran's driver's pulled up and ran in for a moment, that woman's friends circled back and made their move."My thought was, at that moment, to get my truck," Puran said.

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