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"The aircraft has been successfully retrieved and for the time being remains in secure storage in Egypt.

"Given the uncertain political situation in Egypt however there is a possibility that Kittyhawk may never be returned to the United Kingdom." The report values the grounded Spitfire at £200,000.

A collection of nostalgic photos portraying military aircraft at the former Royal Air Force base in Luqa will be on display during an upcoming event organised by the Malta Aviation Society.

Museum bosses "paid" a salvage team an original Spitfire from their collection to retrieve a Second World War RAF Kittyhawk P40 plane that was found intact in the Sahara Desert 70 years after it crashed.

An RAF Tornado was reportedly badly damaged after hitting a stray dog as it landed at RAF Akrotiri airbase in Cyprus.

The Tornado GR4 was returning after a night sortie on Tuesday and touching down at 200mph when the stray ran across the airbase's runway.

In the post-war period, the military importance of RAF Luqa declined, although it played a vital role in 1956 during the Suez Canal Crisis.

Following Malta’s Independence in 1964, the base remained active for 15 years, until the lease to the British forces was not renewed by the Maltese government.

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