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But even if that weren’t true, it would still be fine to email it in a case like this where you don’t have a postal address for the person.

That’s because: One last thing: Make sure that your thank-you note isn’t really about thanking them for their time.A painter at work on a scene from Pinocchio, whose 1940 release was perceived as a financial disappointment compared with that of Snow White, three years earlier. She was barely able to keep her eyes open after a month of working weekends and double shifts in the Ink and Paint department, the all-female “finishing school” of hand-drawn animation, during the final push on the groundbreaking film.“The minute I get a pen in my hand my brain goes numb—just like it does at the studio.The term “thank-you note” is misleading here, because what you really want to do is to build on the conversation that you had in the interview and reiterate that you’re excited about the job.Thanks doesn’t even need to be part of it (after all, they weren’t doing you a favor by interviewing you any more than you were doing them a favor by talking to them).

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