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What a treacherous road to travel is the adolescence experience.At age 15, after a stint as a cheerleader, softball player, band member, and overall wannabe in the in-crowd, with locks of long, thick hair, my worst fear happened. Now, it wasn’t the brain surgery, or the possibility of death, since those fears were abstract concepts at that point.To anyone out there that may have ever felt rejected by someone they have loved, I am here to tell you; it may not have been you.Well, it may have been you, but, not for the reasons you may think.

In my case, they removed my hair and my skull, and repaired, after 22 hours of surgery, a tortuous tangle of blood cells, between the arteries and veins, which was determined to be a congenital (there since birth) and hereditary (my mom had one, too), AVM. I went out with this particular guy on and off, for about five years.

The interaction between European and Asian populations has been historically influenced by many factors, including the political conditions created by great empires such as the Roman (31 BC–250 AD) and Mongolian empires (1207 AD–1360 AD) that fostered communication between European and Asian populations, and the famous Silk Road (206 BC) which acted historically as a commercial, religious, and cultural network interlinking the trade routes across the Eurasian landmass that connected East Asia with the Mediterranean and Europe.

This raises the question of whether genetic admixture occurred during the interaction between people from different regions, particularly between Europe and East Asia.

In addition we quantitatively estimated the extent of this gene flow using two statistical approaches, and dated admixture events based on admixture linkage disequilibrium.

Our results indicate that most genetic admixtures occurred between 2,400 and 310 years ago and show the admixture proportions to be highly correlated with geographic locations, with the highest admixture proportions observed in Central Asia and the lowest in East Asia and Northwestern Europe.

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