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Ever since then I've had fantasies about male-to-female transsexuals who still have their male parts.I really want to find out what it's like to be with a transsexual. I'm not just interested in sex—I'd like to have a real relationship. It seems a bit tricky because I live down South and people are pretty conservative here.Lately the population of so called transgenders has increased dramatically, largely as a result of "transtrenders" jumping on the pity party bandwagon, looking to obtain a coveted "victim card" to get them on into the Oppression Olympics.As well as from the vast population of cross-dressers who enjoy jacking their jollies off in women's underwear; who have found the movement as a convenient way of hiding their sick fuck fetish right in plain sight and trying to couch it in the guise of something more perceptively acceptable in society.However, for years I have had a fantasy about being with a transsexual. She talked like a girl, looked like a girl, smelled like a girl, had the body of a girl—she was all girl, except for the unit. There are other points along the gay/straight continuum, WOTWS, and anyone resourceful enough to track down a flipping gorgeous T-girl should be smart enough to figure out where he falls along the gay/straight continuum. An awful lot of “rounding up” and “rounding down” goes on when it comes to sexual identities.But let me end the suspense: You’re a teensy, weensy bit bisexual, WOTWS, just another mostly straight dude who’s into women, into cock, and into women with cocks. There are bi women out there who round themselves up to lesbian because they’re with women or primarily attracted to women or afraid of mean lesbians who hate bi women.You can’t control who you wanna do—sexual orientation is not a choice—but you get to choose who you wind up doing and who you tell people you are. You’re into girls who talk like girls, look like girls, smell like girls, etc., and some of the girls you’re into happen to have dicks.

There’s who you wanna do, who you are doing, and who you tell people you are. Don’t wanna be a messy closet case à la Haggard, Craig, and Rekers? But “bi” means “attracted to men and women,” and you’re not attracted to men at all.

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Trannies are generally as demur as she-males are exotic, but under both their wigs they've got some of the same 'trapped in the wrong body' feelings. Where do you find hot, horny trannies that you can bring home to your mother in the Deep South? The sequined, G-stringed vixen that shook her tits in your face at the club is usually not the marryin' kind. The ones who do try to blend in don't have double-D tits.

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