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Filming on their upcoming project begins in a few weeks, so the dinner have simply been a business meeting and not romantic—it's still too early to tell.

Either way, Evans is on the market following his October breakup from Kelly. News at the time that their busy work schedules played a part in the couple's decision to go their separate ways.

Ice Skating is one of romantic thing to do with your date mate as you can enjoy together with full involvement in guiding each other, holding each other whenever anyone is about to slip (wink).

Nice way to get near to each other and show your love and care.

But if there is any way you can help me how to deal with comparison condition, because when I am going to use date a month ago, this queries(i have other queries too) gonna take lot of time. Small change from Larry's answer Not completely sure if I understood the question correctly This would first take the first 100 records and do the calculation on that.

So the final result may be less that 100 rows, based on the group by clause EDIT : As per your clarification, you will need to add an index on c.msisdn and add a limit clause at the end Remove the order by clause and put an outer query just to have the records ordered by No, I don't want to perform operation on first 100. If is there any way to select top 100(from all records) records first from query(in my question), please let me know.

Is the thought of ringing in the new year alone just too depressing?First lady of the Ruffyders 'Eve' is apparently dating the son of Equatorial Guinean president Theodorin Obiang . To start with its not as serious as the American media would have us believe.Its fact that over the Christmas holidays last year , he spent close to 0,000 to rent Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen's 303-foot yacht, Tatoosh for himself and Eve real name Jihan Jeffers, but trust us when we say this guy thinks of himself as to much of a playboy to get tied down by anyone.It's only been two months since Chris Evans split with Minka Kelly, but it looks like he's already smitten with another famous face.The 32-year-old actor was spotted on a dinner date in New York City with his costar Alice Eve.

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  1. They can IM, they can select and gather prospective matches and do a compatibility test... The people you have on your shelves are unresponsive because you stocked your shop with old stock. Consequently, the person who just walked into your shop is not impressed. I recommend starting with a white label dating service.