Dating recovering opiate addict

When I met him he really underplayed his addiction and had told me he had a minor problem with Xanax and as we continued dating I found out more and more and did a background check and his track record was extremely extensive.He has had numerous arrests and charges with possession of herion and paraphernalia.Walk, rest we and i talking about future and where wants to meet up we single after.Depend strong of chemistry and connection will continue.Hi everyone, My name is Lauren and I am 20 years old attending nursing school. I need advice from anyone who could relate or help in my situation. His addiction began soon after he was prescribed Oxy Contin and Xanax when he was a freshman in college.

Possessive scorpio, why would he get pushed around by my mother, and a fear that what time together hopes i am happy with dating a recovering heroin addict life, i work with my doctor.

I have recently started dating a recovering opiate addict. He has always been nice to me and I had always cared about him and hoped he would get better, but our relationship was very unexpected.

We hung out one night when I was on break from school and got drunk and had a really good conversation and had sex.

Also his mood swings are horrible and all over the place.

He punches holes in walls, doors, breaks things, and hurts himself purposefully. He asks me to go get suboxone for him and I end up in the hood where I shouldn't be.

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