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A young, loud lout arriving late in the evening to change everything.

It’s in that bed-and-breakfast late one night that we find Olivia, a self-doubting novelist-turned-teacher in her early 40s.

The play first debuted in Chicago in 2011 and has since been performed internationally, most notably perhaps at London’s Hampstead Theatre, with co-stars Theo James and Emilia Fox.

Eason, a writer for the acclaimed Netflix series “House of Cards,” built a seemingly simple plot and set of scenes to dramatic effect: A remote bed-and-breakfast in rural Michigan. A solitary female guest, left alone because of the proprietor’s family emergency.

In the video, the women approach him and start brushing up against him in a sexual manner.

-- Police in Washington DC are asking for the public's help identifying two women who were caught on camera groping and twerking on a customer in a convenience store.

Suddenly, there’s the hum of an engine, a car’s door slamming, boots trekking hard and fast in the snow and finally, an obnoxious banging on the door.

It’s a man in his 20s, loud and repugnant, in complete contrast to Olivia and the quiet cottage she’d come to enjoy.

Lust, intellect, aging, identity and popularity are all themes of Laura Eason’s play “Sex With Strangers” that weaves together a tense psychological romance featuring only two characters.

"Actually the shape of the stage at Geva is really different from the shape of the stage that we did in Ithaca which is called a thrust, and people sit on three sides and they're only about four rows deep on three sides," said Hutchison.

"It's almost like they're around you in a circle, and now everyone is just up the rows, stadium seating, and so -- it's fun!

If convicted, they could face up to 10 years in prison.

ROCHESTER, NY (WROC-TV) - Geva Theatre will present "Sex with Strangers" on stage through April 30.

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