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Our members care about making their own communities and the world a more just place for all.

We have members who make a difference in their own communities as well as many working internationally as humanitarian and development workers.

While the emotional side of these processes is still very individual and works enigmatically it's greatly influenced by the social behavior and the environment of the partners.

By using the measurable data in which the humans interact these objects are trying to predict the perfect match.2013thermoformed white acrylic sheets, glass, artificial leatherphotos: Evi Oraveczmodels: Youyou Yang, Kristina Jagodic, Anni Tritscher, Eike Hardercostumes: Kristina Jagodicexhibited at Internet&Tacos Selected for Design Challenge TEI 2014Featured at NOTCOT .

In the last 20 years aid work has become more dangerous, and security restrictions have made it harder for aid workers to meet their significant other.Within the calculations the geometric mean and margin of error are taken into consideration.According to a study from 2012 by the Association for Psychological Science the most crucial for predicting the success or failure of relationships are the communication patterns, problem-solving tendencies and sexual compatibility.Then the rating of the importance of the question is turned into numbers ( irrelevant: 0, little important: 1, somewhat import: 10, very important: 50, mandatory: 250) e.g.10 out of 11, or 50 out of 51 equals 91% satisfactory for the one person or 98% for the other one which is 94 match percentage in total.

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